Dave Dunn has won December's Camera Club award for his image of an owl snoozing in a tree.

The wildlife photographer revealed he went through a lot of effort to track down this particular bird.

He said: "Some other people originally found it but they didn't want to share where it was.

"But some quick Googling meant I could track it down and sure enough when I got to the site it was there."

Dave didn't want to reveal the location of the owl due to fears that it may get even more attention and be disturbed from its natural resting spot.

"It's not always there," Dave added: "It was there in the morning but when I went back in the afternoon it had gone.

"It was very coincidental that I managed to spot it and get a picture."

Dave, an avid poster in the Camera Club Facebook group, said he joined because of his love for wildlife photography.

He said: "It's very enjoyable. I love taking photos of wildlife and I like to share them.

"I used to have a tawny owl in the garden of my house in London but that tree was cut down and the owl left.

"It's good to see it in the wild and free from captivity."

This is the first time Dave has won the Camera Club award.