SCRAP was yesterday being loaded onto a trailer by the owners of a Park South “eyesore”.

Parts of a metal structure and what appeared to be a wooden drawer were on the back of the trailer outside the home on Loxley Walk.

Neighbours have complained to the council and MP Robert Buckland after a static caravan was moved onto the front lawn last summer – followed by a shipping container and smaller caravan.

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Bin bags being carried from the garden

Original story: Nuisance neighbours set up caravans and shipping container on their front lawn

Last week, owner Lillie Goddard said she would tidy up once she was back in work. She told the Adver: “I’ve been recovering for a while but I’m healthy enough to work now. Once I start earning money again, I will be able to tidy everything up and build a fence to make the caravans and container less visible to neighbours.

“We are slowly sorting things out but it’s not been easy. I did the best I could do in the bad situation I was put into without my fault.”

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A trailer filled with scrap is driven away on Sunday afternoon

Ms Goddard said she lived in the house with her two children until late 2019, when they moved into a three-bed static caravan because, she claims, the property had been declared unsafe for a young child to live in. She bought a shipping containers to store possessions and building materials. The house was being rented to cover the costs of the caravan and container.

Clare Parrott, who lives opposite the house, said yesterday: “It’s an eyesore. That’s the biggest thing at the end of the day.”

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Jo Wilson originally reported the matter to the authorities last summer: “It’s just been a complete and utter junkyard.”

She said frustrated residents were trying to arrange a public meeting at nearby Park South community centre to discuss the issue.