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Older but still good

On the television (ITV, January 14), I see that the question about older drivers cropped up again.

On this occasion, some older drivers were having their reactions tested!

It is generally fairly obvious that reactions do get slower as we age but, as an advanced driver at the age of 78 in April this year, plus being a tutor with Swindon Advanced Motorists, I also give guidance to drivers to bring their driving up to an advanced standard and them allow them to take the advanced driving test.

That said, a short while ago I also passed the IamRoadSmart masters test with a pass mark of 90 per cent which gained a distinction.

I had to drive to Blandford Forum to take that test, so two hours’ drive to Blandford, two-hour test and then nearly two hours’ drive back.

From an advanced driving perspective we use the mnemonic OAP - observation, anticipation and planning. We also use OAPDA - observe, anticipate, prioritise (the hazards in order of importance), decide, (what to do), act, (based upon your decision)!

The crux of the matter for older drivers is really to have your driving assessed and receive advice initially rather than give up altogether.

It is all very well to test the reactions of older drivers but fast reactions are not the same as the correct response.

The correct response is the ability to plan ahead using good observation skills - the mark of an advanced drive.

Older drivers are mostly retired and can choose what time of day they generally drive and also where they drive to and so, are generally safer in that respect

The importance of a regular eyesight check is quite essential.

Just look at for more helpful information!

Or in fact, telephone me for further details on 01793 772314

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

Lets pull together

Yet again we hear from the Remainer voters that the first past the post voting system is in some way unfair.

Your letter writer Steve Rouse complains vociferously that the majority vote was ignored.

How churlish. Had they won they would have accepted their prize with glee.

Can we now try to unite as a country and get behind this elected government and build a better Great Britain for all of us as we are now in a position to be in control of our own destiny.

Roy Gibbons, Bath Road, Old Town

Electric danger

Like Alan Fletcher I am concerned about electric cars being able to run almost silently. (SA, January 16)

As if there aren’t enough obstacles to blind people being able to go out and travel, like people parking their cars all over the pavements and taxi drivers refusing to pick up people with guide dogs.

I understand drivers may feel there’s no actual need for engine noise and less sound pollution as well as reduced emissions is a good thing.

But for those people who rely on being able to hear traffic approaching sound is vital, so I’d appeal to all drivers of electric cars that have the option to keep being noisy, please.

Mark Coates, Blunsdon

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