A CHARITY that helps older people in Royal Wootton Bassett is under threat.

Age Concern members are worried that a replacement for former chairman Peter Chadwick might not be found – and are calling for a successor to come forward.

Treasurer Marilyn Marsh said: “I think it could be at risk of closing if someone doesn’t come forward to replace Peter.

“We haven’t even got a secretary and we need more members so we need someone to take over but it’s just very difficult, I just don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Mr Chadwick left his role after becoming unwell.

Age Concern works to prevent loneliness and isolation in pensioners.

Volunteers put on various events throughout the week to get people out of their homes more.

Marilyn, 60, of Parsons Way, said: “People can usually just go in their car and go where they want to go but those who are a bit older don’t have that option and can get very lonely.

“It’s about giving them more of a social life and some company. It can all be helpful for them and even improve their health.”

The group put on three events each week. On Mondays and Thursday they get together at the Sacred Heart Church on the High Street to socialise and play games.

On Tuesday tai chi is held at the church to keep members fit and healthy.

Marilyn told the Adver: “The classes and groups help improve their quality of life and the exercise helps with their health and wellbeing, so it’s really important.

“Doing things like this can build their confidence and it’s a great chance for them to meet other people. If you’re sat indoors all the time it’s not going to be good for you.”

The Tuesday events run between 2pm and 4pm and are open to anyone interested in going along.

Thursday’s social event is only for over-60s.

The charity welcomes around 100 people each week but is in need of a chairperson, secretary and more volunteers to continue its work.

Anybody interested should call Marilyn on 01793 850845.