SWINDONIANS demanded answers regarding the future of a £50m shopping and entertainment complex.

Opened in 2015, the unit on Regent Circus has been hit by closures in recent months, including Morrisons in November and Coal Grill & Bar earlier this month.

We asked you what you would like to see there and here’s what you told us…

Adam Poole: “The problem is the council and their failure to come up with a decent strategy for the town centre that gives it the ability to compete with the outlet centre and nearby town and city centres.

“They could start with buying the car park and introducing a new policy across the town of free parking for the first two hours.”

Ashley Blackler: “More bars and restaurant to bring a bit of life to the town. There’s no point putting shops there as the town is dead.”

Lorraine Turker: “Turn it into a well needed new theatre, the Wyvern is an embarrassment.”

Ashley Bowes: “A food hall, like the one they have in Bangkok with every cuisine and a small supermarket within it.”

Emma-Jane Launchbury: “I love Regent Circus - it looked good with filled busy restaurants. I think the parking costs puts people off when you can go and have dinner and cinema and park for free at Green Ridge or West Swindon. They should change Morrisons to a super Primark! And free parking.”

Sandra Edmondson: “It won’t happen, council rates are too high and in this country, shopping now is done online.

“People work too long hours, so they haven’t got the time to shop. You go to Paris and their shops are full and not boarded up.”

Chloe Brown: “A bowling alley and arcade type games would be great. Like they have at Shaw Ridge, but maybe a more updated version.

“That would attract people and I think the parking should be free, if you are using the facilities.”

Kurtis ‘Shakes’ Sharkey: “It doesn’t need shops or restaurants. It needs to be kid-orientated, like a huge soft play, with rock climbing with may be indoor scooter park. The possibilities are endless but you need to look at what the public spend their money on, and it’s not shopping or food, it’s children to keep them entertained!”

Barry Cox: “The shop is too big for one operator, turn it into another Brunel and have multiple brands in there. People need to have enticement to spend hard earned money.”

Adam Copnell: “A massive new nightclub. A bit like Pryzm you’d see in other towns. It would be less of a dive for younger people. Only having two clubs in new town.”

Thomas Craigie: “It should be an entertainment complex, with a seamless flow into the top of town.

“A supermarket is simply not an entertainment attraction – why Morrisons ever took that unit is a mystery.

“I agree that a bowling alley or something like an American sports bar, with bowling, pool etc should go in there to liven up the nightlife.

“Link it to Regent Circus by tearing down the ghastly square buildings next to the library and putting in some more restaurant units. At the moment, this development sits like a stranded island totally disconnected from the rest of the town.”

Danielle Spencer: “They need to knock the rates down for a starter – businesses struggle with the huge costs.

“Just having restaurant isn’t going to haul people in, have some form of entertainment centre for kids/family, people meet up do the activity and then have a meal out.

“There’s no way Swindon ever compete with the likes of Bristol, they left it too late to regenerate the town.”