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What do PCCs do?

I wholeheartedly agree with the letter from Alan Wilson, with regard to Angus Macpherson, crime commissioner.

What exactly does he do?

In fact what do any of these commisioners do?

So far as I can see, nothing.

Nice work if you can get it, we need more police on the streets and should not be paying someone the salary he is on plus expenses, it is a disgrace.

Our hard working police officers need more support on the ground, not someone with an impressive title who seems to do very little and to have the effrontery to ask for more money is the thin edge of the wedge.

He should be ashamed of himself.

Maureen Gill, Haydon End, Swindon

Parking space scarce

According to recent government statistics, mind you I would not trust most of them with their timing of my dog his dinner. Never mind the manipulative advice to our nation. Dog and cat owners agreed?

They state that there are over thirty million cars on our island. But only eight million parking spaces.

Although I am a great believer in mathematical conclusions. This wins the stating the obvious prize of the year, no easy task in this society.

Parking spaces all over Britain are becoming as scarce as public toilets in Swindon town centre, not to mention police officers on the beat, as well as stall traders.

My point? If that is the case why is this situation being exploited in hospitals and car parks all over the country by companies with no compassion for the sick attending hospitals, people who have made innocent mistakes on the unfriendly parking metal boxes devoid of humanity.

I speak from personal experience on that one.

I beat the false charge, don’t worry about that one. By companies only interested in financial gain regardless of the moral issues involved.

Company executives making millions with shoddy products from selling houses to bankrupt restaurants not to mention false promises on the stock market.

If we tolerate any more of this financial greed by certain individuals.The few not the many, our children will be next.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

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