TWO men tried without success to get into houses, garages and cars in the Tadpole Garden Village.

A number of doorbell and CCTV cameras caught the pair trying door handles and covering their faces when approaching houses in the area between 7.30pm and 8pm on Tuesday.

Neither of the men managed to fully gain entry to any vehicles or premises and are said to have left the area in a grey Land Rover.

North Swindon Police posted an alert about the incident near High Ground and Barnsley Close on their social media earlier this week.

A spokesman said: "We would like to remind all residents in the North Swindon area to be vigilant and ensure that all doors, garages and cars are locked.

"Anyone with information that may identify these males is urged to call 101."

The post attracted several comments in a matter of hours, with concerned neighbours mentioning seeing similar sights in their area and reminding their friends and family to keep their doors locked and secure.