A GWH worker whose vehicle was targeted by thieves in the hospital car park has told of her shock after discovering there is a lack of CCTV.

After working a late shift at the hospital, radiographer Shirley Legge returned to her car at 7pm to find something wrong.

Originally thinking that the exhaust had gone on her car, a trip to the garage revealed that her catalytic converter had been stolen. Thieves target them as they contain precious metals.

When trying to track down the suspect, Shirley was stunned to be told that the hospital car parks had no CCTV footage available.

She told the Adver the car parking attendants leave the site at 5pm. This has since been extended by the hospital to 6pm, though security teams are on-site 24 hours.

Shirley said: “There was no security or cameras. I’m worried it might happen again.

“I’ve been without a car for a week and I had to pay the excess for the insurance.

“I was gobsmacked to find out about how little security there is. The only cameras are at the entrance to the car park.

“They’ve obviously worked out there are no cameras and I don’t feel that there’s anything happening. Can I take my car to work?”

When Shirley spoke to security, it was recommended that she fills out an incident report.

The response she received from the car parks and transport department at the hospital told her that there was no CCTV footage of the incident and that this wasn’t the first incident.

Shirley was told that other similar incidents had been reported but couldn’t been proven because of a lack of CCTV and witnesses. The response added that all vehicles were parked at the owners’ risk.

“It was a pretty standard response,” Shirley added: “They’ve extended their patrols to 6pm but that’s not great for people on lates.

“It worries me that every time I take my car to that car park something could be stolen.

“They’re not just targeting staff either, they’re also targetting the patients and visitors.”

A visitor to the hospital, who wishes to remain anonymous, added that their dad was visiting his wife in hospital and had his converter stolen as well.

They said: “On top of the stress associated with having a loved one in hospital my dad, at 71 years old, did not need this.

“How can the car park owners justify their car parking charges when there is no security?”

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police confirmed the incidents took place and said their enquiries are ongoing.

The GHW NHS Foundation Trust responded in statement saying: “We are aware of a small number of incidents involving thefts from vehicles and are working closely with the police.

“Our site has extensive CCTV within the hospital and around its periphery, with cameras routinely covering a substantial area of the car parks along with the main building.

“To protect our staff, our car parks are well lit during hours of darkness and any staff member or patient can request a security escort to their car if desired, or the nearest camera can monitor an individual in real time.

“To further increase the security of the site, we are looking to improve CCTV coverage of staff overflow car parks, along with out internal corridors and other public areas.”

Alongside CCTV issues, other visitors to the hospital have raised their concerns with the security.

Jane Toomer, who visited the hospital in December, said: “The pay-as-you-park car park is very dark and intimidating for anyone on their own.

“Most of the lights aren’t on at night.”

Katie Grey, who often visits the hospital believes that funding is the main issue.

She said: “I’ve been visiting the hospital regularly due to family, the staff are doing all they can to help even volunteers, they have on site security that are doing an amazing job, especially when needed in A&E.

“More cameras are needed for staff safety, especially in the staff car park along with lighting and cameras in the visiting car park.

“Only problem is where funding will come from now charges are changing as this paid for maintenance.”