A VICIOUS mauling left a poor pug with a deadly infection – now her heartbroken owner is warning others to beware of dangerous dogs.

Debbie Burns’s daytime walk along the streets of Kingsdown with 10-year-old Rosie on a lead ended in a scene of violent horror. Another dogwalker’s white American bulldog was off its leash and sank its teeth into Rosie’s shoulder.

The deep and bloody wound became infected and septic, and Debbie looked on in despair as her sprightly pet became weak and feeble, unable to urinate, eat, or even stand up properly.

Despite numerous trips to the vet and giving Rosie round-the-clock care and medication over six days with the help of her friends and family, there was nothing more they could do to save her.

Debbie had to say a tearful goodbye to her beloved pooch less than a week after she suffered the sudden injury.

Debbie told the Adver: “It was awful, I was in shock, I couldn’t believe what had happened. It was so quick, they went up and sniffed each other as dogs do then the bulldog bit her and would not let go.

“After that she kept bleeding, it was traumatic for her and for me. Rosie was a lovely happy girl, very placid, and she loved playing and enjoyed her walks, I miss her.

“The bulldog’s owner has shown no remorse and other people with dogs have told me they’d reported the same animal to the dog warden but nothing’s been done.

“It’s not right, it’s not fair, something needs to be done, I want justice.

“I don’t want it to be put to sleep but we would like the dog to be rehabilitated because it’s been brought up wrong and I’m afraid that it could hurt other pets or even small children.

“People are scared to walk their dogs near Boundary Close and Archer Close now in case it happens again. This was my second pet and I always said I would never have another if anything happened to Rosie.”

Debbie’s family rallied to help Rosie in her time of need but became increasingly despondent as she struggled to recover from the bite and cracked rib, the bruising around her little body spread and turned black, and her liver and kidneys failed.

Racking up hundreds of pounds in vet bills, they tried everything to save her but nothing worked. They reported the bulldog’s owner to the police but were advised to go to the local dog warden instead.

When Debbie’s friend posted an alert on Facebook about Rosie and her injuries, other people in the area mentioned seeing similar attacks and near-misses with the same dog dating as far back as 2017.

One said: “The owner is the one at fault as he doesn’t see the harm and always lets the dog out the full length of the retractable lead, so he doesn’t have full control.

“It’s so bad I look for him every morning and will change my route to avoid him. I can’t say I’ve seen him any other time than first thing in the morning.”

The Adver understands that the dog warden Debbie has spoken to will take statements from her and from the bulldog’s owner before deciding on what further action should be taken.

Swindon Borough Council oversees the dog wardens but was not able to provide a comment before deadline.