A meeting will be held to discuss the future of the trees planted without permission in Pinehurst.

Central Swindon North Parish Council is hosting a gathering with residents tomorrow between 11am-12pm on Cricklade Field.

They will consider what should be done about the 1,000 saplings which were planted on the field in December last year.

Hreod Burna Urban Forest put the trees in the ground before the charity had obtained the necessary permissions from the parish and Swindon Borough Council. HBUF subleases the land, running it on the parish council’s behalf.

HBUF founding trustee Josie Lewis called for the trees to be pulled up as the land is public open space and should stay a sports ground or playing field.

But chairman of HBUF Steve Thompson hit back at criticism saying they had incorporated open spaces into their planting plans.

Parish principal officer Andy Reeves said: “CSN Parish Council are proud to have secured this public space for our residents to enjoy; for at least the next 100 years. With this in mind Councillors must carefully consider the legacy of any proposed changes our management tenant makes to our land, whether it be tree cover or open grass, as it will have an impact for generations to come.

“We would very much like to hear more comments from residents at a site meeting with the chair of the leisure and amenities committee this Sunday.

“This will be the last opportunity for you to share views before a final decision is made on the proposed tree planting, so please do come along.”

Everyone who lives in the area is encouraged to attend.