A £3.2m scheme to improve Mannington roundabout has been completed.

A new slip road has opened in order to ease traffic around Mannington retail park as well as changes to the roundabout and a bus lane.

Here’s what you told us on Facebook...

Ashley Blackler: “Sort out the roundabout by Sainsbury's and the Mini garage. That would help.”

Rob Whiting: “Now they need to paint all the white lines leading up to Mannington roundabout as people keep getting in the wrong lanes.”

Daniel Merriott: “What a waste of money, could have used that money to resurface the existing road properly.”

Mark Vincent: “Another project that overran. Shock horror. Typical council-run project.”

Lesley Watkins: “This is only going to help a few, money should have been spent on improving parking at the hospital.”

Nick Stanley: “How does that cost £3.2m? Just added 20 meters of road? Whichever company got that contract are currently sat in the Bahamas sipping champagne.”

Daniel Itter: “What a shambles, as usual. The cycle path was moved for absolutely no reason, needlessly removing some greenery.

“Whoever did the work should be ashamed, managing to do so little while still overrunning by however many months.”

Craig Easey: “A complete waste of money. It won’t calm traffic down on the roundabout at peak times either.”

Mark Cooper: “Now sort out the A419. Too many houses in North Swindon and poor access along with multiple tailbacks leading to Junction 15.

“How can new villages be created without the infrastructure.”

Chris Kitson: “Meanwhile the rest of the Swindonians are dodging potholes let, right and centre.

“Sort out the existing roads first before wasting money on unnecessary ones.”

Feel Free: “Would have been £3.2m cheaper just to open up the bus lane by the Outlet.”

Mark Howell: “I go to the gym at that retail park most days and haven’t seen a single car use the new road. Who would as no one lives that way.”

Graeme Dennis: “So you have a new exit onto a dual carriageway that by the time you reach the speed limit you’ll be breaking for the standstill at Blagrove.”

Stephen Munson: “Whoever is in charge of all of Swindon’s road infrastructure causes more delays than solve and wastes all the money we are assigned. Look at Thamesdown Drive, every set of lights set to give precedence to side roads, stopping the flow of traffic, creating more pollution due to stop -tart, causing people to speed so as to not be caught at the next set of lights.

“This slip road I agree with, though it should have been incorporated in the original developer's plans of the retail park and not something the taxpayer have to sort.”

Leon Whyburd: “How about just putting cross hatching on the roundabout with cameras to stop the people who block the exits?

“The roundabout works fine when people know how to use it and don’t block.”

Angus Silman: “Should have spent money on improving all roads in Swindon. Absolutely shocking state.

“Filling in potholes and patchwork doesn’t last. Gypsy Lane is bad and after the gas work ends the whole road should be resurfaced.”