ONE of Swindon's oldest residents has celebrated her 107th birthday.

Kathleen Unsworth was joined at Rose Cottage Nursing Home in High Street by some pals to mark the big day.

One of the friends Sheila Carter has known Kathleen since they met on a cruise.

She said: “I met her in 1998 and became friends.

“I come up and see her regularly. When she was 90 she did a world cruise, went up Table mountain. She’s even flown on Concorde.

“She liked her cruises. She probably went on about three a year when I first met her."

Sheila revealed what she believes to be Kathleen’s secret to a long life.

“She led an active life. She regularly did her exercises, which is why she’s quite fit now.

“And she was careful about what she ate.

“Up until the last couple of years she used to come around on her walking frame but now she doesn’t really have the energy.

“You could come in and talk to her about her cruises and show photographs but now she doesn’t really remember it.”

Penny Saunders used to live next to Kathleen when they both lived in Beatrice Street.

She said: “Kathleen’s only been in this home for about five years. She looked after herself until then.

“Even when she was 100 she would do press-ups on the sink.”

When Sheila asked about her travels Kathleen responded with: “I did some crazy things.”

In 2013 when she celebrated her 103rd birthday, Kathleen said: “I used to get off one ship in Southampton, and then get straight back on another. We would keep coming back to England and I would go off again.”

On the table next to her chair, Kathleen had received cards from friends and families as well as a cake complete with candles.

Staff at Rose Cottage had gone all out, including birthday banners and balloons to help celebrate.

The rest of Kathleen’s family, her daughter and grandchildren, live in Texas and couldn’t make it across for the celebrations.