THE people of Royal Wootton Bassett have hit back at the after an anonymous writer branded the town a "toilet".

The unknown author described the town as violent and soulless in their piece on a website called I Live Here UK.

They revealed they moved to the town at 16 years old and haven’t liked it since.

They said: “Don’t be fooled by the Tudor library on the High Street, or the word “Royal” that has been put in front of the name of this toilet town.

“It is not just an insult aimed at Bassettonians, but it’s factually confirmed by the numerous cases of abuse reported by the poor doctors and teachers who have the misfortune to work in such a violent and intolerant environment and come into contact with these unfortunates every working day of their lives.”

But not everyone agrees with the insults being thrown at the small town.

Bassett mayor Steve Watts was not happy with the comments.

He said: “For someone who uses the scale of criminality of Swindon to Royal Wootton Bassett as a negative is not someone from here or involved in the community.

“We rarely have trouble here, there’s a big community in this town. It’s clearly a troll and their aim is to get a response.

“It’s the absolute opposite of what this town is, people talk to each other smiling and saying hello. And we have big events throughout the year which everyone gets involved in.”

The writer makes comment about young people being playground bullies who target younger children.

Before finishing their rant they describe the pubs in the area being filled up with former soldiers who are now unemployed and then advises its readers not to visit.

The Facebook post shared online about the piece has around 80 comments and reactions.

But people living in the town were quick to defend it as many commented on Facebook about how wrong the points being made were.

Some said even as a joke the piece was a step too far.

Others have spoken about how proud they are to live in Bassett.

Steve said: “They just sound like a very angry person who doesn’t understand what this town offers.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to who lives here are very proud of Wootton Bassett and enjoy living here.”