A WOMAN smashed a plant pot and garden lights in an argument with her parents about her desire to change gender, a court heard.

Now, Jodie Howton has been forced to leave the family home in Wroughton after her parents said they didn’t want her back in the house.

Swindon Magistrates’ Court heard police were called by Howton’s mum to the Lister Road house they shared shortly after midnight on January 18.

Prosecuting, Keith Ballinger said the woman had been outside shouting and beating windows and doors.

She ignored pleas to stop and eventually smashed a flowerpot and a lightbulb hanging from a tree in the garden.

Mr Ballinger said: “Her mother felt like she had no choice but call the police.”

When officers arrived Howton admitted she had caused the damage but said she was angry about the way others had treated her.

They decided against arresting her there and then, instead offering some words of warning.

Two hours later the police were back at the house. Howton had ripped tiles off a wall and smashing lightbulbs.

“On this occasion when police arrive she’s arrested for the criminal damage,” Mr Ballinger said.

Jodie Howton, 30, formerly of Lister Road, Wroughton, pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

Tony Nowogrodzki, defending, described the case as a very unusual and sad one.

“Unfortunately, the relationship between her and her parents has been deteriorating,” he told magistrates.

“There have been a series of arguments. She tells me the arguments mainly consist of her wanting to transition and her parents disapproving of it.

“Whether that’s the case or not I don’t think matters considerably.

"This is a case of criminal damage.”

His client suffered from mental health difficulties and her condition was deteriorating. She also suffered from stress.

He said: “The main thrust of everything is there has been paranoia which has exhibited itself in anti-social behaviour not just to her parents but to the parents who had her arrested on previous occasions.”

Howton was bailed for a sentencing hearing on February 12. Dr David Whetham, chairman of the bench, said: “We fully support the idea we need to draw everything together and make an informed decision in February.”