A DAD who grew his hair for almost five years finally had the chop – and all for a good cause.

Tom Glisson had had enough of his long hair and wanted to get it cut after it reached 33 inches long.

And his partner Gislaine Villas Boas came up with the idea to donate the locks to The Little Princess Trust – a charity that creates wigs for children and young people who have lost their hair.

Tom said: “My hair was getting very long and at first I grew it because I wanted to just do it and then I started getting a bit sick of it a year ago.

“I was just going to go ahead and cut it off but Gi recommended I donate to charity.

"That was something I hadn’t thought of. I’ve heard about people shaving their head for charity but I didn’t particularly fancy doing that. But then she told me about Little Princess Trust and how it makes wigs for children who are going through cancer treatment and I thought that was a great idea.”

Tom and Gislaine visited the Natural Selection salon at Rodbourne Road to get the cut.

Gislaine, 29, had her hair de-knotted at the same salon – a task that took 14 hours.

She mentioned the idea for Tom’s haircut and agreed it should be done there.

Salon owner Jane Norgrove braided his hair before chopping it all off.

Tom, 29, told the Adver: “I’m really happy about doing this because it’s for a good cause and whatever is cut off won’t just go into the bin.

“I started growing my hair at 25 and I started threatening to cut it all off in the past year.

"One thing or another would happen and I’d keep putting it off but then as my son Elijah started getting older he was pulling on my hair more and I was like 'that’s it I have to get rid of it'.”

Gislaine said: “I’m interested to see what he looks like without the long hair and beard.

"I know our son will need some time getting used to his dad having short hair because we have never seen him without long hair.”

They’re looking to raise around £200 for the charity.

Tom's friends didn’t believe he would get it done and now he’s proved them wrong.

Jokingly, Tom, of Trowbridge, said: “They’re horrible friends really because they even said they’d only donate more if I got rid of the beard because I look scruffy.

“If I had been more organised then I might have raised more. I plan to just keep growing my hair out and cutting it when it’s long enough.

“It has definitely made me realise it can be a horrible thing for women to have long hair.

"To look after it is a pain, especially detangling it.”