A petition has been launched calling for a by-election after Bazil Soloman joined the Conservative Party.

The change.org petition, started by South Swindon Labour, currently has 28 out of its 100 target.

It says: "Councillor Bazil Soloman has decided to change parties and join the Conservative group, just months after being elected as a Labour councillor for the Liden, Eldene and Park South ward of Swindon Borough Council.

"Whilst we accept that Bazil has the right to join which ever party he chooses, it is a huge slap in the face for the 1,196 Swindon residents who voted in good faith for a Labour representative, holding Labour values.

"Bazil was actively campaigning for Labour ahead of last month's general election and his sudden u-turn calls into question his integrity.

"He should stand down and allow the people to decide who and which party they want to represent them."

Coun Soloman was elected back in May 2019.