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Playground politics

The Leader of the Conservative administration and his deputy are ‘up in arms’ about a comment made by Labour group leader Jim Grant, to which I say “grow up boys”.

The comment is no worse than anything said in the normal course of political debate, and quite frankly my experience is that when seasoned politicians start complaining there is generally a kernel of truth to be found in the comment which has upset them.

Of greater importance to the people of Swindon is the Conservative administration’s woeful record on regeneration of the town centre (it’s always jam tomorrow), the incredible ongoing saga of the Locarno and the Mechanics (yes I know we have yet another feasibility study being undertaken) and their arrogant attitude to anyone who seeks to challenge anything they do.

They really are thin skinned and precious souls.

Incidentally I wonder how many readers can recall how 12 years ago the council set up a Railway Village Improvement Trust to gauge the opinion from council tenants living in the area.

With regard to the Locarno, I am sure Coun Renard will recall his predecessor and Coun Foley claiming officers and councillors ‘literally burnt the midnight oil to secure the redevelopment of the Locarno site’.

Indeed Coun Foley was moved to say that ‘we have managed to secure a vibrant new beginning for a historic building which is in desperate need of restoration’. She concluded with the words ‘we can now look forward to work starting very soon’.

As ever and since absolutely nothing has happened other than the construction of new fencing. It should be noted that this item appeared in an official Swindon Council publication under a strap line ‘Delivering our promises’.

The reality is far removed from the saccharine comments made by councillors who at the time occupied the two most senior political offices.

The Locarno is but a derelict hulk, roofless and being considered for demolition. Oh and by the way that publication was printed in 2007 a mere 13 years ago.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

Plant diet malnutrition

The Acts of Enclosure were brought in to enable more people to be able to afford to eat meat and dairy, thereby improving the health of the nation, dental health improved by access to milk, butter and cheese.

Extending life expectancy helped improve prosperity, lifting the lives of those who previously could not afford a good balanced diet.

The previous plant based diet was causing malnutrition and early death when they could no longer depend on the shellfish resources around estuaries.

NHS hospitals are now having to set up wards to deal with an influx of patients suffering malnutrition for lack of meat, dairy, fish and eggs in their diet.

Humans do not have a rumen with which to make the best of a plant only diet.

Sue Doughty, Verey Close, Twyford, Reading

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