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Pointless shop posters

How Swindon centre has changed even in the mere 11 years that I have been here.

Back in 2008, there was a wide range of shops, and an air of optimism which made me so pleased at having chosen to live in the town.

However my main reason for writing is to express my depression at the seemingly wall-to-wall horrible orange placards in so many shop windows advertising’ Sale, sale, sale, up to 70 per cent off everything must go etc etc.’ This must surely be a pointless counter-productive move - who actually registers this nonsense? The ultimate effect is to make some shops look like cheap market stalls and do they really draw in extra much-needed shoppers?

Surely a braver move by, say House of Fraser for instance, would be to ditch the awful pointless posters, and reopen their restaurant, thus making their shop a real destination instead of somewhere to buy something cheap and then hurry off home?

Jeremy Flutter, Radnor Street, Swindon

Fight to rejoin EU

This coming Friday, along with millions of other British people, I will be stripped of my EU citizenship against my will, despite having done nothing wrong.

This situation has come about as a result of breaches of electoral law and data protection laws by the Leave Campaign together with their unprecedented industrial scale deceit and dishonesty.

Nothing demonstrates this dishonesty more than the contradictions in the Leave Campaigns own narrative regarding Friday.

They claim we need to leave the EU to regain our independence as the EU is an undemocratic dictatorship.

If we were not already a fully independent country we would not be able to leave.

If the EU really is an undemocratic dictatorship as leavers claim, we would not be allowed to leave.

For the future of our country and our democracy, this fraud cannot be allowed to stand.

The campaign to Rejoin the EU is already underway and will prevail. Right will always eventually prevail over wrong. I am European.

Dr Adam Poole, Savill Crescent, Wroughton

Bin the TV licence

The stopping of the TV licence for over seventy five year olds who are not means tested. Will not put me in any financial difficulties. Such as the disgraceful heat or eat scenario that many of my generation have to financially suffer. But their are many pensioners on our little island whose only pleasure during our harsh British winters are watching the TV.

This bloated overpaid, blatantly left wing of gravy train liberal elite chancers at our expense namely the BBC needs sorted out rapidly. Where innocent pensioners can be imprisoned for non payment of our financial support they feed upon. While a certain football pundit and constant bleating remainer picks up over a million pounds a year for stating the visually obvious.

My point ? Prime Minister Johnson, now that you have sorted out the Brexit problem of the Parliamentary disgraceful conduct in trying to stop the wishes of the people. Domestic issues come to mind. The TV licence must be scrapped forthwith. No ifs or buts Boris, but when? Try that one on a referendum with the abolition of the House of Lords as well. After all we live in a democratic society and we are paying for both of these archaic institutions. Should we not then have a say in the matter? As we had on Brexit.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

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