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GWH is too small

What a superb article in Monday’s Adver by Graham Carter on waiting in accident and emergency for 12 hours.

The staff are so patient, having to work under such difficulties cause by the shortage of space.

Because the truth is, as we all said 20 years ago when it was decided GWH needn’t be as big as PMH, where are all the patients going to be seen when there is less room and the small hospitals were closed like Stratton, Marlborough and Tetbury?

Swindon keeps building more and more houses but no hospitals. We are at bursting point and it must be so frustrating for the staff.

Margaret Gardiner, Glenwood Close, Swindon

Plant trees not houses

Why oh why does the Swindon Borough Council want to build houses on the small piece of ground at the junction of Queens Drive and Marlborough Road?

This gentle patch of green space is part of the Parish Council’s green corridor which is a haven for wildlife and a peaceful stroll for local residents. There is only enough space to build very small houses for people to live in.

Thousands of proper sized houses are already being built within a couple of miles of this site at Wichelstowe, Badbury Park and Broome Manor!

The air in this space is at the moment very polluted from all the traffic coming into Swindon, at peak times, using two very crowded roads.

Couldn’t it be possible to enhance this small green area by planting proper English trees, like oak, ash, beech, elder and pine, creating a small woodland copse. This would be a positive step towards the Government’s policy of planting tree to reduce carbon emissions and cleaning the air at the same time.

Previous planning decisions were made to remove these small areas, that are in the wildlife corridor, from the risk of development. We have lost too many green spaces in the past. Ironically, this small green piece of Swindon is named The Lawns.

Name and address supplied

Wrongly labelled

A recent Home Office report has put various left-wing groups and environmental campaign groups alongside neo-nazis and white supremacist organisations, those groups include Stop The War, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Campaign against the arms trade, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Greenpeace.

There is something quite alarming when organisations such as those mentioned above who oppose war, arms sales and care about social justice and the environment are lumped alongside groups whose sole purpose is life is to create anger, division and hatred in society.

Mark and Martin Webb, Swindon Road

Make drugs cheap

The police and authorities are to be applauded for the crack down on the suppliers.

But whilst members o the public keep on seeking supplies, thereby creating a market, so there will be those who will supply!

Smoking is banned in many areas but tobacco has not been banned.

Still legal to purchase. I suggest that drugs should also be available for users to obtain their requirements, but at a much lower cost than the present suppliers, which would drive them off the market. At these places help to kick the habit could also be available.

Brian Bradbury-Pratt, Parsonage Court, Highworth

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