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A British subject

I WAS surprised at the content of Dr Adam Poole’s letter (SA, January 29), he seems a very committed remain campaigner. I would ask him to name but a few of the breaches of electoral law.

Does Dr Poole not think that the election in December nicknamed the Brexit Election confirmed the British people still wish to leave the EU. The election to my way of thinking saved wasting lot of money by not holding a second referendum.

For the record Dr Poole you were never a European citizen because the roll out of their plans to replace the EU nation states as stated by President Juncker in his 2017 and 2018 State of the Union speeches, the Modern day European Empire as expressed by retired EU President Jose Manuel Barroso.

You most certainly are not a European you are a British subject like the rest of us.

Stuart Eels, John Aubrey Close, Yatton Keynell

The wrong ideology

Yet once again the 1960s party of the people The Labour party (Not the people’s party today) have shot themselves in not one foot but both feet after an Internal Review into the crushing election defeat and you could not have got funnier comments out of a Christmas Cracker.

They blamed it all on Brexit and the Media, it had absolutely nothing to do with being anti-semitic we all know which side Jeremy Corbyn and the upper echelon of the Labour Party are on, it also had nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn’s haste to turn the United Kingdom into a lookalike Venezuela nor to the ramming down the throats the Marxists gobblegook the Labour Party is so taken by.

Nor did it have anything to do with the so called celebrity’s who The Labour Party called upon and briefed them on what to say and when to cry at the correct moment all I heard coming out of the so called politically savvy celebrity’s mouthpieces was they are trying to poison the minds of the people.

But that backfired where are these celebrities now I’ve not heard à peep out of them ah just clicked no media coverage to crow into, this is the 21st century most sane people look at these celebrities and take what they say and divert it to the nearest bin.

You the Labour Party scrapped the bottom of the barrel at the last elections if you stick with this sort of ideology you will loose more seats in Parliament in 2024 be warned.

John L Crook, Haydon Wick, Swindon

An open letter to ex-MEP Ann Widdecombe

The Brexit Party have won their fight. There was absolutely no need for that display of jingoism and spoilt brat behaviour in the EU chamber on Wednesday. As shown by the rather more refined members from other parties, it was actually a time for a conciliatory message, a time for saying “We’ve had our disagreements, but let’s leave on good terms.”

But no, you all decided to behave like disobedient children on the last day of term who know there is very little that the teacher can do. Although, I haven’t always agreed with your opinions, in the past I did consider that you were a responsible politician trying to do what you thought was best for the country, my opinion of you has changed in the last few months. Like it or not, it is the EU that we will need to negotiate with for trade deals in European countries, for Farage to say that we hate the EU is not going to get things off on the right footing. To sit back while he did that was not acting in the best interests of the country. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Yours in disgust at your behaviour

John Marshall, Derwent Drive

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