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Happy memories

I was very interested to note the picture you carried under your ‘Quieter Times’ headline around a month ago. It showed a perspective along Flemming Way with music shop (Duck, Son & Pinker) a barbers with a tv shop on the corner of, I think, Cheltenham Street.

The real jewel in the picture is the standing alone, large building with distinctive partial half-timbered appearance - Beale’s Café.

During my late teens/early 20s this was an iconic place. It was one of just a few such places in town, with frothy coffee and luxury, in its back room it had a row of p

I remember with great pleasure coming back from studying and working in Swindon during the summer holidays. Saturdays would not be complete without a bus into town, a stroll down Regent Street and watching the world go by through the café window. If trade was slack, then one could get onto the pin-tables when getting a low score was ones’ own secret! A walk up to the top of town, bus home to the footy results rounded off a satisfying Saturday.

Of course it has all gone now, the café, the post office and the houses it replaced, and in their places are tall offices. Soon they may go too.

Bob Pixton, Abney Moor, Liden

The people have spoken

I’m writing in response to Adam Poole’s open letter to Swindon South MP Robert Buckland, about his opinions of the Conservative Government which has resulted in our exit from the EU.

He claims 53 per cent of the combined vote of the other parties wanted a second referendum and therefore, our recent exit from the EU shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. Without doubt, the Labour Party didn’t have a definitive stance either way, leave or remain.

What does Mr Poole want? A third or fourth round of votes until he gets the outcome he wants?

Can I suggest he accepts democracy whether he likes it or not. Clearly, he doesn’t. So, he has a choice. Either continue to live in the UK or consider moving to one of the other EU member countries.

The people of UK have spoken not once but twice. It’s time to look forward and not back. The Government has a duty to get the best deal for Britain whether you are are a leaver or remainer.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Swindon

Shed some light

I was delighted to read that my adopted town Swindon became number 45 in the list of the best towns in England. Adopted? We came from all over the British Isles and beyond for a better way of life for our families. I firmly believe that I made the right decision leaving family and friends for a better way of life 370 miles from my birthplace 49 years ago. However the wind of change that batters our tiny island never ceases in humanitarian terms.

I suspect that the people who awarded us this accolade must have missed the town centre. As well as the Covingham recreation ground that has had no lights working at its section leading to the shops at Covingham Square for at least two weeks.

Dog walkers agreed? Young Lady dog walkers on their own in particular.It even puts me on a wary foot as I pass through in total darkness with my little Westie. Covingham councillors take note.You are here to serve the people. Explanations for this scenario are welcome in reply to these pages. I cannot wait to read them, if there is a genuine reason, I will apologise for my concern. But at the extortionate rate my council tax has reached, touching a week of my state pension. It had better be a good one.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

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