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An alien race

Quite surprisingly in a new year’s revelation, Britain’s first female Cosmonaut Dr Helen Sharman to travel to the MIR Soviet space station back in 1991 told the Sunday Observer newspaper that ‘extra terrestrial aliens’ exist, there’s no two ways about it.

She went on to say that it is quite possible that they are living amongst us and we do not know it.

I am not really surprised as I have long suspected that indeed aliens could may well have integrated themselves amongst us, as seemingly we have had people in a political party who during the last 12 years have subjected the population to a deliberately calculated period of punishment called austerity that hit the poorest, the disabled, and the disadvantaged really hard and made life an abject misery for them.

How else can the actions of the Tory party be explained by seeing nothing wrong by preying on their own species, whilst seemingly deriving some sort of perverted pleasure out of doing so, if they are not of this world?

Considering the recent General Election result I wondered how they managed to suddenly make people flock to vote for them and for yet more punishment from the party of billionaires.

I came to the conclusion that it was possibly done by putting some sort of alien amnesiac substance in the water supply, or maybe by bombarding the nations’ brains with 5G signals.

The Tory Party or Jackanory Party as I have now nicknamed them as some of their stories border on the unbelievable, which is not really surprising that their leader and current PM also finds it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction as her Majesty the Queen found out to her cost last year during the Brexit discussions.

The alien race amount now feel content in that they can now carry on with dismantling the welfare state, privatising the NHS, adding more people to the homeless list, and not bothering to deal with the care crisis for the elderly, running our essential services into the ground, and wreaking more havoc to our national railway system to name but a few things.

I wonder if Dr Sharman has any idea as to where in the cosmos this alien takeover race has emanated from, as if we all knew this secret then we would quite possibly stand a chance of sending them back, in true ‘ET go home’ fashion.

Graham Woodward, Nelson Street, Swindon

Work a bit faster please

Following the reporting of China’s building of a new 1000 bed hospital in 10 days, did their workforce, I wonder, learn from the dynamics that appear to be Swindon Borough Council based?

The latter took only just over four months to refurbish the bus station waiting room.

A seemingly mammoth task involving a few chairs, desk and a partition wall. Oh wait, its closed again for alterations.

Or perhaps lessons learned from British Gas who have already taken several weeks to attend to about a 100 yards or so of gas pipe in Gypsy Lane with of course maximum inconvenience all round.

Cheers for the good ol’ British workforce eh ?

Rodney J M Wirdnam, Whilestone Way

More men on the job

I have long been of the opinion, that road works are a long time about.

Because contractors take on more than one job at a time and split their men and machinery between jobs. Thus leaving us to get through all the bottle necks.

I think the council ought to make sure, that these contractors put more men on the job to get it done quicker .

Roy Small, Haydon Wick

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