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Time to move on

My opinion of Adam Poole’s open letter to Robert Buckland is that this gentleman portrays himself as extremely embittered that his “side” lost.

To use the word racist three times in a short letter would suggest that he seeks to inflame a situation that simply happened after a fair and legal election. The electorate have spoken please accept the result and work together for the benefit of this country. The future will consist of ups and downs however I am full of enthusiasm and optimism for this country. Please use your powers of loss by legal consent and move forward.

Roy Gibbons, Bath Road, Old Town

Head of the queue

As I have a dearly loved relative in the Great Western Hospital at the moment I, along with other relatives have spent a considerable amount of time there.

The care and consideration shown by most of the staff has been both touching, and amazing. We are truly grateful for the compassion shown to us all.

Therefore, I must ask why do the staff have to queue in the cafe to obtain a decent hot meal when they are having their breaks. Why should they have to stand in lengthy queues waiting to pay whilst their food is cooling and they have little time to relax and digest their purchase. Surely, a decent room and a special queuing system should be put in place for those who give so much, and from whom so much is expected. After all they do for us, surely we can give them a little consideration.

Lin Milne, By email

Diesel conundrum

I am getting more and more disillusioned with the Governments silly moves.

The latest is the move to bring in further bans on Diesel cars.

When are we going to wake up and realise a simple fact. The World runs on Diesel!

Ships, many railways throughout the world, just about every lorry from simple delivery vans to massive articulated lorries. Just about every mobile generator is powered by a diesel engine. And there are millions of them in this country alone. There are ways of cleaning up diesel emissions and indeed these can be improved on with innovations and the dedicated research.

It’s about time the Government spoke to competent scientists who understand the concepts involved here. For every problem there is a solution. Yes it just means research and finding it.

Are we going back to the stone age. Doing away with everything we have achieved to make life more comfortable?

We have the brains and enough educated people here in the UK to look at this so called problem, in some depth and I believe these people, all much clever than I. Can arrive at a solution which doesn’t cost an absolute fortune together with the ongoing chaos it will cause.

Furthermore, People such as myself who drive diesel cars for years and I might add a car that has exceptionally low emissions are burdened by Governmental proclamations made by people who don’t know what they are talking about. How am I supposed to get to the local hospital without my car? Two bus journeys one to the bus station and another to the hospital and the reverse to get home again. Does this make sense in the 21st century?

Especially for those fast approaching 80?

I welcomed the return of a Tory Government with a working majority. I thought things would improve.

Just shows its yet more of the same idiocy going from strength to strength.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

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