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Impressive action

As the British winter on our island comes to its end, make no mistake about it, it makes its mark in retreat from the forthcoming spring as the daffodils and crocuses burst out in all their glory.

I refer to the recent gale-force winds we have all endured. On Sunday afternoon after putting my rubbish out, I then had to retrieve my two plastic containers with cans and papers blown all over my street by the wind.

Thanks to my son looking out his bedroom window.

Now the bins are secured by two large stones from the rear of my house.

To my point, it is not often that I praise Swindon Borough Council.

However after walking my dog along Merlin Way at 4pm on Sunday, I had to walk around a large tree blown down by the wind, and on to the main road.

The tree had fallen on to the public footpath close to the Wrenswood flats.

On taking my dog out at 7pm that evening to my surprise the tree had been dissected and the footpath was clear. Considering the fact that I suspect there was more than one tree blown down in our area.

I was very impressed by the speedy and efficient councils action. I never imagined I would ever write the aforementioned words regarding Swindon council. But fair comment when it is due.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

Let’s have some pride

Apparently Swindon is a good place to live. How great is that to hear.

Positive news for a change. I often wonder how much things could be even better?What about if some residents with vehicles took pride in where they lived?

Across this town, numerous grass verges and green areas have been destroyed by tyre tracks. It’s an absolute mess. Without doubt, those who have caused this are utterly selfish!

In my opinion, the council should be contacting the owners requesting them to make good the areas they’ve destroyed, if not, bill them for the necessary repair. Like the council tax, if they fail to pay, then take them to court.

Some residents may not be bothered about living in areas that resemble a ploughed field. It’s that bad. But, there are many residents who do care. It’s about time people took some pride in where they live.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Swindon

Is it worth it?

Is any poppy – or, indeed, ANY memorial – worth spending more than £250,000 on it (SA, February 4)?

I am sure that the Royal British Legion could spend that amount of money far better by using it to help the veterans and the families of the Afghan and Iraqi campaigns, many of whom still need care.

Whilst I am all in favour of Royal Wootton Bassett having a memorial to commemorate the part it played in ‘welcoming home’ those who gave their lives in these conflicts, surely it must be possible to produce one for a smaller sum?

Malcolm Morrison, Prospect Hill, Swindon

It’s a lifesaver

Having just read the article about bowel cancer screening, I’d add a voice of encouragement to complete the test. It’s easy to complete. And could save your life.

Diagnosed with bowel cancer aged 54. I was fortunate for it to be diagnosed at a relatively early stage.

Bowel cancer caught early on can be treated with great success. And believe me this simple test beats hands down the more invasive procedures.

Brian Gibbs, Greywethers Avenue, Swindon

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