SOME gamers have found it easier to socialise since they started playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Sabina James, 20, came all the away from Faringdon to take part of last week’s free gaming event, Brunel Knights.

She said: “One of the main things I think is the appeal of it is, that you get to socialise a lot more.

“It’s a chance to be social, to make new friends and work together to solve problems.

“It’s great because you connect with people ”

Sabina met some of her closest friends when she started playing the game.

She added: “I guess it is also a bit of a break from the reality, you get a chance to go a bit crazy, a bit wild.

“And it’s a good way to hang out with friends.

“I think it’s getting a lot more popular now.”

Despite there being a majority of male players, Sabina has never thought of her gender as being an issue.

“I never really found too much of an issue with the community, especially around here they have always been open and very willing regardless of your gender and your age," she said. 

“It is a lot less common to find girls playing because there is still a lot of stigma around D&D. But it is now expanding.

“It’s become a lot more accessible these days, a lot of people upload many of the resources online. There are a lot of online tools.

“And there is so much you can do.”