The Big Yellow Bus –a double-decker converted into a shelter for rough sleepers – won’t be coming to Swindon.

Founder of the charity, Gerry Watkins, intended to bring the project to town but it is instead heading to Stroud.

He says it’s for safety reasons because there are too many homeless people in Swindon.

The bus can provide a warm and safe place for eight men and two women but he is worried it could cause arguments among the homeless over who stays in the bus.

Here’s what you said on Facebook and the Adver website:

Nicki Pearce: “Didn’t seem that long ago that Swindon was putting on various fundraisers for this.

“Lots of local performers and venues taking part. Such a shame our Swindon homeless won’t see the benefit.”

Peter Franklin: “There’s too many homeless to help. So we just won’t.”

Steph Owen: “So rather than help some, they’d rather just help none?”

Kylie Dempster: “I don’t understand this really. I can see his point, however loads of fundraising events were held in Swindon for this bus and I’m sure people believed the money would help Swindon homeless.

“The numbers should have been thought of to begin with.”

Mandy Howell Archer: “Open the tented market. It is sitting there doing absolutely nothing.”

Lorraine Wadley: “Really, what can we say. Disappointing.”

Tracy Lloyd: “We only have so many homeless as they come from all over the country.”

Neek Pomp: “I really can’t understand why people are kicking off about this.

“He has raised enough money to provide a service to a set amount of people, which is great.

“Demand is too high in Swindon and the volunteer ran project would be overwhelmed, meaning they couldn’t cope and would no doubt have to shut down.

“He is taking the project to Stroud, where there is less demand but the people needling help there need it just as much as in Swindon."

Ryan Butler: “There are 60 homeless people in Swindon and how many boarded up unused buildings? Seems quite fixable.”

James Carol: “So sad. We know that universal credit and poverty are driving homelessness.

“Question is why are our MPs still declaring sanctions and universal credit are good things and helping the country?

“The massaging of figures and misleading claims are in danger of running into one another.

“It seems some are happy to protect offshore baking as long as someone is at the bottom to sneer at.

“Why people who voted conservative pretend to care about homelessness is a mystery.

"You knew this would be the consequence yet voted for it anyway.”

Tonerider: “Interesting to think that there are 60 homeless people in Swindon.

“There are always beds at the Salvation Army hostel regardless of what they say.

“The only hostel that is regularly full is Threshold.

"I think the risky part of running a hostel is expecting compliance from people addicted to alcohol and drugs.

“They are not going to want to just stop using. Does Gerry intend to allow people intoxicated or under the influence of drugs on the bus?

“If not, how is he going to police it?”

David Wenborn: “He doesn’t want to be responsible for fights or grudges caused by who gets on the bus and who doesn’t.

“The difference between being in a nicely fitted out warm bus and reality of street life is massive.

“He has plans for Swindon and I believe he will achieve them.”