A DEDICATED mum is working on making the world a better place.

Michelle Buckingham, 39, is trying to be more environmentally friendly by cutting down on waste at children’s parties.

She will be taking a box filled with colourful plates, bowls, cups and cutlery for those organising parties to use for free.

After watching a video on Facebook Michelle was inspired to bring the idea to Royal Wootton Bassett and Swindon.

Michelle, of The Rosary, said: “There was a video a couple of minutes long about a woman in Bristol who came up with the idea to reduce waste.

“I thought it was brilliant. I contacted her and asked her to tell me all about it and within an hour I was in Ikea and I was getting all the bits I needed.”

Pass the Party was launched last week and it received a positive response.

But it isn’t the only course of action Michelle has taken to be kinder to the planet.

She has been doing her bit for years, starting with growing her own vegetables in her garden. She has taken in chickens and grown 12 trees.

Michelle told the Adver: “I’m a member of RWB Environmental Group and have been since it started last year.

“I’m just a hippy at heart. I grow my own vegetables and for the community it’s important to keep your little patch as good as it can be.

“I think my passion for the environment comes from being angry at people not being interested in climate change and looking at the news and asking why the businesses and governments aren’t making a difference. I just thought, why can’t people do more to help and why cant I do more?'So I decided to take those steps in making a difference.”

Despite the tableware being made of plastic and arguably not the best idea sustainably Michelle thinks it is still good for the planet.

“The children will use them, wash it and then give it back and it’ll be used again and this prevents more plastic being thrown into landfill as there can be bags full of waste from parties,” she said.

“They’re really tough and they’re not easily breakable, they’re plastic but some plastics are necessary.”

Her children Jack, 16, and 12-year-old Phoebe are passionate about doing their bit too.

Both of them took part in the climate strike last year.

She completely supports them in what they want to do for the environment.

Michelle said: “I think schools don’t do enough to teach them at a young age about how we treat our planet. So I will work to help them understand so they can teach their friends.”

To book a box visit the Facebook page at Pass the Party - RWB