DEVELOPER Taylor Wimpley apologised after Storm Ciara caused part of a building in West Swindon to collapse.

The gable end of a flat in Ridgeway Farm, which was only built two years ago, was pulled away hurling bricks and a satellite dish to the pavement below.

Here's what you told us...

Darren Hobbs: "It was right next to a children's play park and opposite a school too! It could have been worse. The whole estate looks cheap, even the planning for the main road ploughed straight through it made no sense."

Michelle Holbrook: "It is also lucky that it happened at the weekend as the building is opposite a primary school, those bricks could have killed someone."

Marcia Bressan: "All the buildings here appear to be made of paper. They wouldn't really stand a storm."

Nikki Theobald: "I was there just after it happened. Scary! No one injured I believe. The car underneath was damaged. Shocking."

Han Smith: " I live in a new build where there is a path running down the side of my house. It is the main path in and out of the development and I have been for 14 months. In that time, the same section of roof tiles has fallen four times, directly onto the public path below.

"The most recent occasion was overnight on Saturday and early Sunday morning where they rattled loose and were teetering on the edge.

"I had to settle for telling as many people nearby as I could and harassing the staff in the sales suite until they cordoned off the area - 36 hours later! If it had fallen on someone, they would've been dead.

"They were most recently 'fixed' in January after nearly falling on me."

Beverly Carter: "They need compensating after all, they spend thousands to purchase these new builds."

Andrew James: "This is not going to be unique to that house alone on that estate or the builder. Lottery as to which way the wind blows."

Wendy Jayne: "I'm in a Taylor Wimpey town house. Fingers crossed I keep my roof. That site was being built when they finished mine."

Samantha Backway: "No damage to my 100 year-old Victorian house. It seems they don't build them like they used to."

Mark Lee: "A lot of new builds are dreadful. Usually, it's due to cost saving, cheaper materials used. Especially metals used.

"They go rusty. But generally the quality isn't there. Probably due to rushing jobs and due to lack of skilled workers."

Miguel Santos:"Just new houses in general, they are built quick and cheap."

Craig McNeil Aitken: " I always see a lot of blanket comments saying it's the developers fault, but this not always the case. Care in the job of trades - sub contractors - could be the problem for most part and these sub-contractors are generally used by all of the developers not just Taylor Wimpey.

"Whilst the developer may have some blame through due diligence when selecting their subcontractors, working in partnership relies on trust of the people that are employed or appointed to do their job properly.

"It may just be one member of a trade team who hasn't his/her job properly or one building control inspector who didn't inspect thoroughly enough but this is always overlooked and default is to blame the developer, which is a shame."

Leroy Jenkins: "Back in the day, building were made of stronger stuff, materials with merit such as Iron girders, steel beams, bronze.

"Nowadays, it's mere brick, felt and wood.

"Soon, no doubt they'll start making houses out of straw again, if they can get away with it, which they just might. They never learn, nor care.

"Time to renationalise the construction industry."