IT’S the United States’ national bird, the name of an old comic and now – apparently – Swindon’s most titilating sex position.

Website OnBuy claims to have found out the town’s favourite sensual set-up by analysing Google searches.

It’s hardly a surprise the Eagle topped Swindon’s list. It’s also the UK favourite, with on average 150,000 monthly searches on Google.

The position sees one partner lie on their back with their legs wide in the air as the other partner stands or kneels above. It briefly became notorious last year when Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard described it as his favourite position – live on the ITV reality show.

Swindon Advertiser:

The UK's favourite sex positions, according to

Also on the UK top 10 list were: 69, missionary, cowgirl, lotus, doggy-style and pretzel.

At the bottom of the table was the tricky-sounding sideways straddle, peg and side-by-side.

The list was published – unsurprisingly, the cynical among you might think – ahead of Valentine’s Day.

The top three sex positions

1. Eagle

One partner lies on the bed with their leg spreadeagled in the air, while the other partner stands or kneels above.

2. 69

Intended for oral sex. Each partner lies in opposite directions, one on top of another and performs oral sex on the other. Allegedly it is Oxford's most searched-for sex position.

3. Missionary

Both are lying down, facing each other, with the man 'on top'.