Almost 10 million pound will be spent on replacing every street lamp in Swindon with LED bulbs.

The Swindon Borough Council revealed the £9.7m project to replace the current lights with light-emitting diodes.

The authority says it will mean a big saving in electricity and cut carbon emissions.

Here's what you said on Facebook and the Advertiser website:

Mark Walker: "Where did that 10 million appear from? It would be a better investment in our dilapidated and abandoned town centre.

"There is one happy LED seller out there."

Paul Conetta: "They can't even fix the potholes so what chance have we got with this idea?"

Jennie Wolfie: "Will the amount of electricity being used and pollution created really outweigh the costs of such a project?

"Are there other ways the exact same money can be spent to have a greater environmental impact?

"If going to such lengths and expenses, can they not be made solar panelled, then it wouldn't be a case of using less electricity, but none."

Dave Durston: "Just what we need, instead of soft mild light coming through the window at night, now we'll have a blinding white light instead.

"Top job Swindon Borough Council."

Julie Clark: "They could spend that on fixing the poor roads and the bodge jobs they do that don't last."

Dan Elliott: "Everybody: 'Swindon needs to spend money on looking more attractive and being more green'.

"Swindon Council: 'We're installing efficient LED streetlights'.

"Everyone: 'How dare you!'."

Paul Tubb: "Perhaps some of us who live in the countryside around Swindon are sick and tired of the orange glow that ruins out night skies.

"Given that we've had LED streetlights for a year, Swindon Borough Council are late to the party as ever."

Lee Hallett: "Surely there is a better thing to be spending that money on."

Michelle Forbes: "Ha, the one outside my house was fixed on Monday after not working for three years, and it still flashes every now and then."

Robin Phipps: "Council finds 10 million pounds after a 3.9 per cent council tax hike..."

Toby Robson: "Is orange light pollution somehow more harmful than LED white light pollution then?"

Lee Hardy: "Can't they make them solar powered while they are at it."

Sylvester King: "They can start by replacing the town centre."

Pat Tucker: "How about filling por holes instead."

Derek Wilson: "If they do this and they save sheds loads of money, I am sure our council tax bill will be reduced."

Bill Baggins: "This seems a good idea, it's a lot of money but I think it's well spent.

"I'm not used to saying that about Swindon Borough Council."

PaulD: "Great idea. I hope they recycle all the old lamps, fittings and circuitry being placed too."

Driver Stan: "East Wichel would just like some working lights."

Frank2020: "Well done Swindon Borough Council. For once, some actual long term sensible thinking."

Jeremiah Trimble: "Saving some money is great, but I'll be most pleased at the lower levels of light pollution.

"I wish more people and companies would see the benefits of cutting down on light pollution, but it's a good start at least."