A RETIRED cameraman who brought a Martian to life through a series of children’s books met his young audience in Swindon.

Peter Locke spent 50 years working as a TV cameraman before becoming an author just over a year ago.

His seven books tell the story of Mikkee the Martian who arrives on earth disguised as a young boy, meets twins Bill and Jilly Watson and goes on a series of adventures.

At a book signing in WH Smiths this week he told the Adver: “ I wanted to do something, so I thought I’d write.

“I always had a great imagination, when I was a kid they used to ask me to stand in front of the class and read stories or make stories. I have always been a good storyteller.

“And because you are only using your imagination, you don’t have to go into deep research, on the supernatural thing, so that’s what I decided to do.”

The 77-year-old said he only needs a couple of days to write each of his books.

“I write them really quickly, it took me longer to type them than to write,” Peter said.

“I think what I like about it, is making the characters, so there are different, they are unexpected, that gives me great fun to do.

“It’s pure imagination. It just comes to me. My wife is always telling me I’m extremely childish.”

Peter has already written three new books which still need to be edited and published.

He added: “ What I am hoping is that somebody will take them up and make a TV series.”