Battery giant Yuasa has donated two YCX smart chargers to the Swindon-based Wheels Workshop project.

The project aims to engage troubled teenagers with hands on experience including basic motorcycle mechanics and road safety.

It came to the attention of Yuasa after the project's successful JustGiving campaign in December where it looked to improve its location in Carstairs Avenue.

Rob Fox, leader of the Wheels Workshop, said: "I have a huge respect for the Yuasa brand - they're renowned for their quality products, some of which I have come to rely upon over many years of motorcycle sports.

"I think it's important to get my young students excited about batteries, it's their future."

The battery manufacturer added access to its online learning platform which features over 20 training courses including ongoing battery maintenance.

Marketing and product manager for GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK, James Douglas, said: "We're pleased to be able to support such a worthwhile local cause.

"As technology develops, the need for a greater understanding of batteries and battery-powered vehicles grows."