A SAFE space for women has been created at a new beauty salon.

Milk and Honey is one of Swindon's newest businesses and is all about empowering women.

It has been launched by Gemma Sandercock and takes its name from a 2014 collection of poetry and prose by Rupi Kaur.

Gemma has been in the industry for nine years, having started off in the home of parents Debbie and Martin.

The 27-year-old of Donnington Grove said: “I started out as a hairdresser but decided to go down the beauty route.

“I have always wanted to open my own salon and I wanted to create a safe space for women and to make them feel empowered and now I’ve gone and done that.”

Gemma is looking to put on some events around the theme of empowerment.

She told the Adver: “When I came up with that idea I struggled with how I might make people feel like that. I spoke to a client who is a feminist who gave me some ideas.

“In the near future we’re looking to do some women’s workshops and groups to have women to come in, have a chat and have treatments. But we might add things like an arts and crafts session to help make them feel good.”

She became qualified a decade ago after studying at various places around Swindon.

Although she started out in hairdressing she found her passion in nail art.

Gemma originally wanted her salon to be called Eden before settling on Milk and Honey. The book is filled with poems about violence, abuse, love, loss and fertility.

She explained: “I looked at calling it Eden but realised there are other places nearby called that so I looked to find something else.

“The book Milk and Honey is quite empowering for women. It talks about fertility and our bodies which really connects with women.

“The vibe here is really chilled out and non-judgemental. We play relaxing music and we try to make it comfortable and not so clinical.”

Gemma opened her salon in Cheney Manor Industrial Estate this year and will throw an opening night on February 29 (7pm) to celebrate. Businesses in the area are welcome to attend, along with clients, staff and anyone else interested.

For more information visit milkandhoneysalon.co.uk