RESTRICTIONS could be brought in as a last resort on a road where householders say their lives are being blighted by inconsiderate parking.

Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council is to push for a no waiting rule to be brought in on the Woodshaw Estate between 10am and 2pm from Monday to Friday.

People living in the area off Binknoll Lane have complained it has become dangerous over the past two years because of the number of workers from Imagine Cruising are leaving their cars there during the day.

Maggie Carlton who lives in Roebuck Close said: “My house is one of the ones being blighted by parking illegally. Opposite my house is a junction which is very busy which has 30 delivery lorries a day and they do their work efficiently.

“Imagine Cruising staff have decided to use this road as a car park. They park immediately opposite the junction so a lorry which should be able to reverse into the delivery bay at Tesco in a minute, takes longer. I have gone out to talk to the people themselves and just received abuse. It really is making what was a pleasant place to live just impossible, it’s totally inconsiderate parking.”

Drivers park along Squires Hill Close, High Mead and Roebuck Close for up to nine hours.

Les Bundy who lives in Squires Hill said: “They continue to expand, they know they don’t have sufficient parking. There’s normally 30 cars occupying our road and it’s far from satisfactory. Clearly something needs to be done.”

The travel company has around 130 employees and 120 of them drive. But there are just 80 parking spaces at the site which leaves the rest to find somewhere else to park.

But there is concern a parking ban will just push the staff to find other residential areas to park in.

Coun Steve Bucknell said: “Highways is not something we have control over, Wiltshire Council have some control over highways. Illegal parking should be enforced by the police, but the police have other things that are higher priority at the moment. So they’re unlikely to treat it as a high priority issue.

“But if there is no resolution we will promote some sort of restriction in and around Woodshaw Estate. We don’t really want to do that but it would be a last resort.”

The town council has spoken to the firm to try to find a solution, including asking staff to cycle to work instead, using buses or a car share scheme.

An Imagine Cruising spokeswoman said: “We are in positive ongoing communication with local councillors, where all parties continue to explore possible solutions.”