Figures from the Home Office has revealed that more than 15,000 EU citizens in Swindon have applied to live and work in the UK after Brexit.

The EU Settlement Scheme allows resident EU and Swiss citizens, plus those from the European Economic Area countries to apply to continue living and working in the UK.

But EU citizens’ rights campaign group the3million says even a small percentage of individuals missing out means misery for thousands.

In Swindon, Portuguese nationals made the most applications up to the end of December (6,740), followed by people from non-EEA countries (3,020) and Poland (2,750).

Here’s what you said on our Facebook page and the Advertiser website:

Patrick O’Brien: “I don’t know why, but hey, welcome to Swindon! Our two countries have a lot of history as allies.”

Dave Durston: “Portuguese nationals, in other words Goans.

“Fair play to them, I work with some, great guys.”

Mafald Junqueira: “I’m assured the majority are nationals from Goa! The genuine Portuguese community in Swindon is really quite small.”

Marcus Carlton: “Anyone remember the Remainers telling us that EU citizens would be flocking back to the EU?

“Another scaremongering story dispelled.”

John Woodage: “Football, makes them feel at home it’s like watching Brazil.”

John Paine: “I’m a Brexiteer, have been since Maggie Thatcher sopped them taking the money away.

“There is nothing wrong with welcoming hard working Goan’s to settle in Swindon.

“I’ve worked with them on NHS cleaning contracts, perhaps all the racists and anti-immigration people could try doing the work these people do, they wouldn’t last one day and without immigration this country would be bankrupt.”

Andrew Penfold: “Cannot abide racists.”

Debbie Deacon: “I’m happy for people to live in Britain as long as you already have a job, enough money in your bank to support you, don’t expect benefits, don’t expect the councils to house you and pay your taxes.

"If you can’t do that, don’t bother applying, getting in a boat to cross the channel or using the channel truck stop to hitch a ride.”

James Carol: “People who come in from the EU pay in more than they cost, that is a fact.

“They are our friends.

"Everyone that isn’t a loon wants them to stay as well. Angry beetroot colour people somehow feeling that they have the say over peoples lives is a sad sight to see.”

Lynette Cavanagh: “Goan’s have a huge community here in Swindon now that they are able to get dual nationality with Portugal. So lots of them have probably applied to stay.”

DrSam: “They’re a massive asset.

"Haven’t used up school places during their upbringing and simply come in with skills and start working. Economically, they’re model residents.

"EU migrants pay more in the system than they take out.

"Even non-European migrants are less of a drain than actual Brits, so by this virtue having them doing basic jobs here is less expensive than the same quantity of British people.

“But back to the issue a the heart of this article - EU migration.

"It remains a blessing for our society.”