EUROPEAN citizens living in Swindon have been invited to get involved in a new social group.

Swindon For Europe is working on putting together drop-in sessions at a Euro Cafe, which will offer support to people applying for settled status and provide a chance for them to socialise.

Member Steve Rouse said: “We would like to warmly welcome all residents from EU and EEA countries who have made their home in the Swindon area.

“We would like to offer you our friendship and support. If you are worried or confused about applying for settled status, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

“At the cafe, European citizens will be able to meet one another and us.

“Many of our members have partners and children of EU origin, or have relatives and friends from Europe.

“Others simply value your presence in Britain, and feel a sense of kinship with mainland Europe.”

For more information, email