THERE are new doubts over ambitious plans for a £270m ski centre in Swindon.

A council report says Seven Capital, the developer for the North Star site where it will be built, still needs to find £80m to make the dream a reality.

The council, which owns the land, has vowed to support Seven Capital as much as it can, but says the company has only 'one chance' to secure the cash needed.

Adver readers had a lot to say on the subject - here's a selection of comments from Facebook...

Rich Townsend: "Potential developers do their research and see a ghost town in our centre, a road network on its knees, a hospital that’s massively overstretched and empty office blocks everywhere. "ould I invest in the town in its current state and how it’s being run? Not a chance!"

John Graham: "When someone announces a big project here and wants to invest millions in our town, they are just met with 'boos' and moaning. Maybe if we welcomed these developers and actually appreciate that someone has picked our town, then maybe more people would, and more businesses would stay."

Simon Cousens: "Oh what a surprise! We said from the start it wouldn’t happen. So hate being right!"

Chenelle McCartney: "How come Bristol seems to get necessary funding for all their new developments and Swindon can't even sort out one? It's disgraceful."

Bob Woodruffe: "With the number of times projects at the Oasis have fallen flat, also saving the Locarno, and Mechanics' Institute is not looking good either, I have little faith. Sorry to appear cynical. On the other hand we did get a new train station, the new bus station seems to have gone quiet and after a lot of disruption got a new layout at Bruce Street Bridges. Oh, hang on, I have just read in the Adver that they are considering another new layout!"

Stuart Hawkins: "Only waited 17years for this so far. I wonder what Swindon council does with our money, how does it reinvest in the town? Potholes everywhere, abandoned shops on every street and no town centre. No wonder it's becoming a ghost town."

Mark Vincent: "I can't even believe this project has been considered. How do they propose to keep the conditions suitable for skiing! I forgot that using lots of energy doesn't kill the environment or add to global warming."

Jacob Samuel Allinson: "Don't worry – nobody really expected this plan to come to anything anyway."

Nic Waulker: "My plan to own a country manor estate and drive a Bentley is progressing well. All I need now is the money to pay for it..."

Richard Mason: "Once again something promised that will not happen again, still not surprised with this council."

Timothy O'Sullivan: "Deja vu. First all the hype over the big arena that never happened because of funding problems, now the same again with this. Does the council scour the country for developers that couldn't build a shed or are they just gullible?"

Grigore Cristian Tiplea: "You know what’s funny? They could have apply for EU funding and most likely get it... but now, they struggle to get the money for it..."

Shaun Blow: "It will be flats and houses on that site within five years."

Andrew Little: "Dale Heenan says people should stop being cynical about this joke development. People are being realistic that it won't happen because it never will. Wake up and get in the real world."

Cliff Inward: "I'm open to the idea of a ski slope. What I'm against is another load of chain restaurants and yet another cinema. The whole thing needs a rethink."