A CLUBBER lobbed glasses and a straw dispenser at a bartender – because he was taking too long to serve her drinks.

Swindon Crown Court heard it was the first time autistic Eden Golding had ever ordered drinks at a bar.

The 21-year-old was spared an immediate spell behind bars, though, after she spoke of her remorse in a letter to the judge.

Prosecutor Hannah Squire said Golding had been out at the Edge nightclub, Regent Street, in the early hours of July 14.

Bartender Charlie Johnson was serving that night. “He’s at the bar – as you can imagine a busy bar at which everyone’s jostling to be served,” said Miss Squire.

Golding’s pal told the barman they had been waiting a while, to which he replied they were next.

The defendant shouted at the club worker, earning her a warning that he wouldn’t serve her if she didn’t stop yelling at him.

Golding asked for two glasses of double vodka with lemonade. “He hands the drinks over and before he could even take payment she picked them both up and she threw them at him,” Ms Squire said. The hard plastic glasses were followed by a drinks straw dispenser – hurled at the soaking bartender.

CCTV played to court showed Golding stalk away from the bar, before picking up another customer’s drinks and throwing them at Mr Johnson.

The bartender’s face was wet but it was only when another member of staff rushed to his aid that he realised he was bleeding from a cut to his face, probably caused by the straw dispenser.

Mr Johnson had been so affected by the attack he had not gone back to work at the nightclub and now worked for the council.

The woman has three convictions for five offences, which include an assault at a different nightclub.

Golding, of Pinehurst Road, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Tony Bignall, defending, said his client had been diagnosed with autism and suffered from depression.

In a letter to the court she apologised to the injured bartender. She was trying to change her behaviour: “I battle with myself every day but I am working on myself everyday to become a better version of myself.” She added: “I know I can’t fix or take back what I did and I take full responsibility. I am truly sorry.”