FORGET about gale force winds, crime and other dramas it was the story of Chewie the Labrador puppy that caught the attention of hundreds of people in Devizes.

For young Chewie disappeared while on a walk up Roundway Hill last Wednesday and as soon as social media was alerted to the emergency pet lovers from miles around offered to help in the two day search.

Luckily there was a happy ending for the pup, his owner and all of his new fans when one searcher, named just as John, found him stuck down a bank in the dark and risked his own life and limb to bring him back to safety using his belt as a lead.

Ellie Nichols, who co-ordinated the search on behalf of her sister Melanie Coleman-Smith, said: “It was a great effort by locals. Devizes is amazing. We are so happy.

“Thank you so so much everyone. this community is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen.

“He was stuck down a bank not far from where he was lost.”

Searcher Carol Harford said: “Brilliant news. Well done to everyone who took Chewie into their hearts and to the lady who heard the cries for help your an absolute legend.

“And of course to John for bringing him to safety.”

Melanie Allen added on hearing the new : “I can sleep tonight now. He will sleep well too I can imagine. Well done all the people that went out looking for him.”

Vicki Hocquard said: That’s wonderful news. My spaniels and I have been searching both days.”

It is the second time in a matter of a couple months that Devizes has shown its caring side when a dog has gone missing.

At Christmas another labrador caused a major hunt when it disappeared during a canal side walk but was found thanks to a security guard, police and the public.