Drivers who damage kerbs and verges in Swindon through bad parking or driving should be made to pay for the repairs.

That's the view of Labour councillor for Central ward Bob Wright.

Now he's asking the borough council to debate the issue today.

If passed, the council will be required to investigate powers available to recover the costs for the damage done to kerbs and verges.

Coun Wright says changing patterns of shopping and increased use of home deliveries are one of the reasons for increasing damage.

“People now order from the internet. That means there are a lot more large delivery vehicles, lorries and vans, driving on narrow residential streets and parking on the side of the road.

“There’s a lot more damage being done to our kerbs and verges through this.”

Coun Wright pointed to a specific example in the historic heart of Railway Village, Emlyn Square, where buses run past the Mechanics’ Institute.

He said: “They were worried about buses causing vibration to the Mechanics’ so they were routed to the south of the the building, but it’s a narrow street and to keep away from the building buses and vans often cut the corner.

"It’s badly damaged and could be dangerous to a pedestrian if they slipped or stumbled.

"But it’s far from the only one. Most of the kerbs around here have suffered some sort of damage.”

While it could be difficult to prove who caused the damage, Coun Wright said he’d hope Swindonians would get involved.

He said: “I’d ask people not to approach the driver but note down the registration plate, or perhaps take a picture if it’s safe, and get in contact the with the council with the details.

“We can contact any companies and ask them to improve their behaviour before getting into more stringent enforcement measures.”

The council’s cabinet member for economy and place Oliver Donachie said “We are looking at the idling of vehicles and parking on verges both of which can be a considerable nuisance to residents.

"We will be reflecting on potential changes in national legislation and options available to us as a council.

"Either way, the message from this administration is clear, we urge people to park their vehicles in a lawful and considerate manner and where the small minority refuse to do so we will seek to enforce.”