OUTRAGED neighbours of a Stratton park have seen floodwater from an overflowing ‘pond’ seep into their homes.

Heavy downpours which drenched Swindon during and after Storm Dennis hit the town has caused the controversial water feature in Merton Field to overflow. But Stratton St Margaret Parish Council insisted a bund designed to keep the water out of nearby streets was working.

A spokesman said on Monday: “We have been to check the park and surrounding properties and, even though the pond is at its highest after the storm at the weekend, we are pleased to report that the bund has held out and there is no flooding to the adjacent properties.

“While action has been taken to reduce the water at the park, our thoughts go out to those around the country who have suffered far worse than us and have severe flooding to their homes.”

People living in Park View reported seeing water pouring into their gardens and accused the parish council of lying about the bund’s effectiveness.

Chris Watts replied: “This bund isn’t holding out at all and there is flooding to properties. Of course this doesn’t compare to some people literally being swamped out of their homes, so please stop trying to deflect from the main issue here, which is your inability to rectify this issue.

“You have chosen to not rectify the problem. You’ve had plenty of opportunities to have this ‘pond’ pumped. In turn, the excess storm water has accumulated and created a pool of water around our gardens, and our pumps are close to failing because of all the work being caused clearing this water.

“You’re welcome into Park View where they’ll see a mass of water all around the property which has not been there in the near 10 years I’ve lived here.”

At a council meeting held before the storm arrived, the parish promised concerned neighbours that they would continue monitoring the pond and consider draining it if it reached a critical level. That level has now been reached and work has been carried out to reduce it.

Coun Robert Jandy told the Adver: “We have been pumping the water out over the last two days – but not with a big tanker, we are using different routes, so people may not be aware that it’s being done. We are working with Thames Water and Swindon Borough Council to ensure this is done properly. We have to prepare for the worst, but there would have been more flooding if the pond was not there.

“It’s been a perfect storm of continuous bad weather and internal issues that will become public knowledge once they are resolved.”