Judges at Swindon Crown Court have handed down almost 45 years-worth of jail time in the last fortnight. 

Here are the men now behind bars.

Stab threat and homemade cosh

A four-strong robbery gang threatened to stab one victim and used a home made cosh on two others.

They used a stolen bank card to buy Lucozade just moments after their final attack.

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Now, two members of the group have been jailed for four years for what a Swindon judge labelled a “nasty and cruel” spree.

Ewin Francis and Joshua Orchard, both 20, waved to family members in the public gallery as they were taken from dock.

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Drugs courier caught in Marlborough

Hard-up delivery driver Ilir Hysa was spotted by detectives delivering cocaine at a remote Marlborough drop-off point.

When Hysa was stopped by police last month he tried to jettison around £2,000 of drugs.

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He claimed he had turned to couriering drugs after losing jobs in a car wash and as a delivery driver. The 47-year-old said he had been vehemently opposed to drugs.

Jailing him for 28 months at Swindon Crown Court, Judge Jason Taylor QC acknowledged Hysa had fallen on hard times.

But he said: “That cannot be an excuse for peddling class A drugs which you know from your previous opposition to them leave a trail of destruction and carnage in their wake.”

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At-large dealer brought to heel

A drug dealer who went on the run for three years was jailed – for more than two years.

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Mason Kelly had been picked up by police in Swindon hiding in the back of an addict’s car in February 2016 with a drugs line phone. He had up to £400 of heroin and crack cocaine hidden in his bottom.

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Paedo reptile sanctuary boss seduced teen

A reptile sanctuary boss seduced his 15-year-old work experience student then struck up a four year relationship.

Andrew Browne founded Swindon Reptile Rescue, based in Highworth, in 2001. The charity rehomed animals and attended events giving young people the chance to handle snakes and lizards.

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The 53-year-old was approached by his victim’s mum in late 2011 asking whether her daughter, then aged 14, could come to his charity for a two week work experience placement.

Browne choked back tears as he was jailed for six years.

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Blackmailers caged

A pair who “rolled over” a prostitute’s client for £5,000 have been jailed for more than seven and a half years.

Taylor Edwards and international footballer Yunis Sharif, both 24, blackmailed the man, 60s, after learning he bought and smoked crack cocaine with the sex worker.

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Taylor Edwards Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

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Younis Sharif Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

They were both present on April 26, when Sharif smashed his way into the man’s Swindon’s home and demanded cash.

Judge Jason Taylor QC jailed Edwards for three years and four months and Sharif for four years and three months.

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Drug dealer claimed he was in Swindon to meet girls

A drug dealing duo were accused of putting profit before the carnage wreaked by heroin and crack cocaine.

Jailing William Gentry and Perry Kyei-Ntiamoah to a total of 13 years, Judge Jason Taylor QC said: “Neither of you use class A drugs. You were both in it for profit plain and simple and you prioritised financial gain over the carnage and broken lives drugs leave in their wake.”

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William Gentry Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

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Perry Kyei-Ntiamoah Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

The two Londoners, now aged just 21 and 23 were said to have sold between 174 and 349 grammes of heroin and crack cocaine in Swindon in mid-2017, making themselves in excess of £17,000.

At his trial, Kyei-Ntiamoah claimed he was in Wiltshire because he had been told "girls in Swindon liked black boys from London".   

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'He called me a nonce, so I bashed him'

A street drinker who kicked his best mate in the head told police: “He called me a nonce so I bashed him.”

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Paul Hillier kicked friend Shane Hayward three times. When members of the public intervened he pulled out a pair of nail scissors, waved them at his pal and warned him he was lucky not to have been stabbed.

He was jailed for 15 months after admitting common assault, possession of a blade and breaching a suspended sentence order.

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Drug dealer unmasked

A drug dealer was unmasked when police found messages to his mum and girlfriend on his drug line phone.

Ross Belt was arrested at his home on Kings Street, Melksham, in September 2018. Police found around £140-worth of crack cocaine and £120-worth of heroin together with a set of scales, phones and more than £450 in cash.

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The 33-year-old denied he was a drug dealer, telling police he had not used the phones nor had he ever been involved in the supply of class As.

He was jailed for three-and-a-half years.