AN XBOX thief yelled “f*** the UK” as the parting shot in an x-rated rant after magistrates sent him inside for two weeks.

Paul Gillingham said the prison sentence would result in him losing his job as a groundworker – and also meant he stood to lose his accommodation in Chippenham.

Shouting from the dock at Swindon Magistrates’ Court on Saturday, the 36-year-old yelled: “You realise your system doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. I’m sorry, miss, it doesn’t work.

“You’re going to send me to [HMP] Bullingdon with the rest of the s***heads. I’m smarter than that.”

He told the probation officer sat in court to pass on a message: “I won’t attend appointments for the rest of my life. Ever.”

And the rant ended with the rallying cry: “F*** the UK.” He continued to scream as he was marched from the dock to the cells below the court.

Gillingham appeared before the Swindon justices charged with theft and fraud dating back to 2018 – together with a charge he failed to comply with the probation service after being released from prison last year.

Prosecutor Michelle Hewitt said the man had been staying with his brother in August 2018 after rowing with their mother. He had left the family home.

He was experiencing mental health difficulties and the relationship with his brother began to break down.

He sent a series of threatening messages. One text read: “When I slit your mother’s throat I’ll be sure to rip the legs off your ugly dog.” In a voicemail message left on his brother’s phone, he said: “You f***ing alcoholic, I’ll break your f***ing chin, f*****t. I’ll f*** you up.”

His brother was so worried he temporarily moved out his flat.

When he returned he found his £350 Xbox games console was missing. It emerged Gillingham had sold it at CEX, a video game exchange, for £125.

Probation officer Claire Hyde said the defendant had last year failed to comply with the requirements of post-sentence supervision – having been released from prison in the Autumn after serving a 12-week sentence.

He had verbally abused probation officers and was described as having a “deep distrust of officials and government workers”.

Gillingham, of Oakhurst, Chippenham, pleaded guilty to theft, fraud by false representation and failing to comply with the requirements of post-sentence supervision.

Jonathan Lewis, defending, acknowledged his client had a poor record: “From Mr Gillingham’s perspective he’s probably got in his mind, ‘here we go again’.

“Mr Gillingham recognises that he needs to change and he’s focussed on it. He has been able to change since he’s been released on post-sentence supervision.

“He was in the approved premises for six weeks during his licence, four weeks of which he was engaged in paid employment. He was saving up to get accommodation.”

His client was renting a room privately and working as a groundworker. There was no longer any animosity between him and his brother. He was worried about losing his job if he were to return to prison.

Gillingham added in his own defence: “I do have a deep distrust of the state. I socialise with myself and that’s it. I trust only me.”

Magistrates sentenced him to 14 days imprisonment and ordered he pay £200 compensation to his brother and a £122 victim surcharge.

Upon hearing he was to be sent to jail, Gillingham lost his temper and continued screaming as he was marched from the dock.