A MUM has called for a bigger police presence in Swindon town centre after her 13-year-old son was attacked in broad daylight.

Josh Kennedy was assaulted outside The Savoy in Regent Street at the start of half-term.

The Pinehurst boy was walking along the alley next to the pub with some friends at around 4pm last Monday when they were approached by another group of teens.

Josh said: “Three boys came up to us and were like ‘are you chatting s***’. My mates ran the other way and I ran inside the pub.

“They were outside telling me to come out because my mates were leaving. I knew it was sketchy but I went out anyway.”

After Josh left the sanctuary of the pub, the other boys made their move.

“I tried to go back to the pub,” Josh added. “But I pushed the door the wrong way.

“They punched me a couple of times in the face then ran off. I think they were just trying to have a laugh.”

After the attackers ran off customers from the pub called the police, who took Josh home.

He said: “I waited about 50 minutes for the police to arrive.

“I felt a little bit scared and worried. And I was worried to go out for the rest of half-term.”

Wiltshire Police confirmed the incident had been reported but said they not investigating further and words of advice were given.

Josh's mum Rebecca Kennedy said: “I work at a solicitors by the Town Hall but it’s a new job so Josh didn’t know where it was.

“I didn’t know it happened so close. I could’ve gone and got him rather than the police taking him home.

“I was worried, my boss had to tell me to calm down, it really set off my anxiety.

“The younger-age boys seem to get threatened more.

"I was told the kid was older and he really should have known better.”

Rebecca is worried about an increase in teenage violence and things more should be done to clamp down on it.

She also feels the introduction of a community centre in the town centre would help keep children off the streets.

She said: “The police haven’t got enough bodies on the streets. There is a lack of police paroling. PCSOs should be out more.

“I would think that teen issues are all on the rise and will keep rising – especially in the holidays when they have nothing to do.

“I was really scared for Josh because I believe him when he says he doesn’t know who it was. I’m scared now every time he goes out and I always want to know where he is.”