A DISUSED shoe warehouse could be knocked down and replaced by a block of flats.

Developer Thomas Blunt Partnerships has lodged an application with Swindon Borough Council planners to knock down the old United Footwear depot in Horsham Road in Park South.

But although the building has become something of an eyesore, the idea of 22 flats in its place has not exactly been welcomed with open arms by people living nearby.

Grant Jeffries, 54, said: “I don’t mind it being knocked down. It’s not very nice to look at is it? Just a brown box with the windows boarded up.

“The flats don’t look that much better, but it’s better than just an empty building going to waste.”

Meg Dixon said: “I think it looks all right. The shop’s nothing to look at and kids are starting to get into it and will probably start vandalising it soon.”

But not everyone agreed.

Those living behind the warehouse in Cranmore Avenue are worried about a lack of privacy.

Sigitas Ignotas said: “One of reasons we choose this house was the enclosed and private garden.

"The new flats will be looking directly into my back windows and back garden.

“Construction dust will be on my solar panels, as well as all over my home.”

The detailed application shows plans for 10 single-bed flats, 10 two-bed flats and two three-bed duplex apartments on three storeys of an L-shaped block. This will present a face to Horsham Road not entirely dissimilar to the existing warehouse.

The developers say: “Our objective is to promote good quality, practical and affordable accommodation in Swindon through process of design, fundamental to the creation of high quality development.

“The design intention is to provide residential accommodation that will enhance existing character and establish new sense of space.”

One of the features of the design is a communal garden at the back of the site.

The application says: “The site layout, public realm and landscape has been designed to create a safe and attractive development and a place with character and quality.

"Trees, shrub and amenity grass planting breaks up the hard-paved areas and provides a green, leafy setting and provide shared garden spaces for residents of the apartments to enjoy.”

Comments on the plans can be found using reference S/OUT/20/0127 and should be made by March 4.