AN outraged dad claims his children’s lives were put in danger after a patient who claimed she might have the coronavirus was allowed to walk out of a doctor’s surgery.

Nicholas Baker says his partner was asked to clean two rooms at Moredon Medical Centre where the patient had been but was then sent home.

The 55-year-old claimed a woman went into the surgery on February 15 and told staff she had been to Hong Kong and could have the COVID-19 infection.

He said she was asked to wait in a doctor’s room so she could be seen, but before she could be examined she went to use the toilets and then left the surgery.

Dad-of-four Nicholas, of Gorse Hill, said his partner was asked to clean both rooms.

“I was in my house and my girlfriend came in and she said she needed to jump in the shower because she’s potentially infected.

“She made a cup of tea and toast and she got in the shower and then she told me what happened.

“I couldn’t believe it she was just sent home – it’s just so incompetent.

“I phoned them and asked why she was sent in to clean the rooms and just sent home afterwards with the clothes she went into the rooms in still on and they couldn’t answer me.”

The virus – thought to have originated in China – has killed more than 2,600 people worldwide and has been recorded in Italy, south Korea, Iran and the UK. It is believed the virus spreads through coughing.

Nicholas said: “They sent someone to my house who was potentially infected. Our kids and everyone else was put at risk. I was just shocked when she told me. I find it very strange and I expect more from the NHS.”

The Adver approached the Department of Health & Social Care and Moredon Medical Centre but both refused to comment.

Dr Peter Swinyard, a GP a Phoenix Surgery in Toothill, said: “The instruction we have been given are if someone who declares they may have it they have to leave them in a room and call 101.

“The information given to us was only sent on Tuesday so the surgery might not have known what to do.”

According to the NHS the symptoms of the disease are a cough, a high temperature and shortness of breath. Visit for guidance.