Angry parents say a housebuilder's bid to avoid creating a pedestrian crossing is putting lives at risk just to save money.

Taylor Wimpey had been given permission to build 62 houses on land to the west of Croft Road, complete with a crossing.

But now it it has told the council it doesn't want to build it..

In an application to planners at Swindon Borough Council, it says: “We do not feel there is a justified reason for a crossing point or space where one could be constructed.”

But people living nearby are not happy. One concerned parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “There are primary schools within walking distance of this development and the traffic and number of children in the area is only going to increase with the extra housing so for Taylor Wimpey to say there’s no need for a crossing beggars belief. It looks like they’re putting saving money over the safety of children.

“They made a commitment to install a crossing and there’s no way the council should let them get out of it. If they do then Taylor Wimpey and Swindon Council could all have blood on their hands.

“It’s greedy developers risking lives to save money.”

Kate Szymanski was walking her two daughters, seven and four, from Croft Primary.

She told the Adver: “A crossing would be great. It’s a really busy road, and difficult to cross. I wouldn’t want my daughters to have to try it alone.”

Anthea Hilson, who lives in Linley Close said: “It’s difficult enough to cross now as an adult.

"The traffic coming into Croft Road from the lights is coming in two lanes and very fast because they’re racing each other. It’s extremely dangerous trying to cross and it’s only going to get worse. It should be a proper crossing.”

Erica Ford, who lives in Fitzroy Road said: “There were already major concerns about road safety – it's one of the reasons this development should never have been given permission.

"Now the developer wants to be let out of providing even the basic safety provision to allow people to cross safely.

"There seems to be no justification for not providing this other than greed and there are many reasons like pedestrian safety and slowing traffic why this condition should remain.”

Sue Carvey, another resident of the road, added: “I frequently witness vehicles travelling up and down the road in excess of the 30 mph speed limit making it a dangerous road to cross especially for those who are elderly, infirm or with young children.

"This is a already a busy main busy main road flanked by extensive housing, which will become busier with the planned developments. Removing the obligation to provide a pedestrian refuge will put lives at risk.”

Old Town councillors are against the proposal to drop the condition. Jane Milner-Barry said: “The speed of traffic on Croft Road is of great concern to us and to many residents.

"We are astonished that Taylor Wimpey should state there is nor need for a crossing to mitigate the added problems created by the Ambrose Field development.”

A spokesperson for Taylor Wimpey said: “Despite exploring a number of possible locations we have concluded that there is no viable location for a new pedestrian refuge.

"We have therefore applied to Swindon Borough Council to remove this planning condition.

“Highway safety is a priority and we are paying approximately £289,000 in Community Infrastructure Levy funding, which the borough council will be able to spend in the local area.”