AN ALLEGED stalker was in the dock for a second breach of a temporary court order banning him from contacting his former careers coach.

Royal Wootton Bassett man Stewart Hendry, 32, found himself in the dock a week after his first breach – after he called his life coach’s work place claiming to be suicidal.

Prosecutors claim he bombarded his life coach with 113 text messages over 12 hours last month.

He met the woman, who works for training company Seetec, after being referred to the organisation by the job centre last year.

Wiltshire Police applied to Swindon magistrates for a stalking protection order banning Hendry from contacting his former coach, her colleagues and going to the multi-storey car park opposite her workplace.

He opposed the application but officers were given an interim order ahead of a trial hearing on April 17.

Hendry last week admitted breaching the interim order just one day after it was made.

He was arrested on Valentine’s Day.

Magistrates fined him £80 and released him with a stern warning not to contact his former Seetec coach.

But a week later he was back in the dock, where he admitted a second breach.

Prosecutor Michelle Hewitt said Hendry had called the woman’s place of work, which he is banned from doing, and said he wanted to harm himself.

He was later found by police on the top of a multi-storey car park in central Swindon.

Defending, John Lynch said his client had become distressed after reading reports about the earlier case on social media.

“That caused him great upset on the day and he rang Seetec because he was extremely upset,” he said.

Hendry did not want to minimise his actions and knew the order was in place stopping him from contacting the firm.

The court heard he had learning difficulties.

Mr Lynch said the Bassett man had not enjoyed his time in the police cells and was fearful of the prospect of spending time in prison.

In a direct appeal to the court, Hendry told magistrates: “I want to say sorry for the second time.” On a previous occasion, he had asked if he should give the woman the order was intended to protect “space”.

Hendry was remanded in custody until a bail hearing on February 28.