A MAJOR change to one of Swindon’s busiest junctions will cause more traffic misery for motorists over the summer.

Weeks of work will see traffic lights installed to control the queues at the Moonrakers mini-roundabouts. The plans received a mixed reception when they were revealed on Swindon Borough Council's Facebook page.

Many fear that the proposed changes will make matters worse instead of better and argued that the roadworks will add even more congestion to the roundabouts linking Cricklade Road, Whitworth Road and Beechcroft Road.

Debbie Howse commented: “I already feel a disaster coming on.”

Deborah Lawrence said: “This isn’t solving the problem, it’s just paying lip service to a problem. Traffic lights wont stop the idiots who won’t stay in the right lane because they don’t want to queue.”

Michelle Lowrie said: “I’ve lived 30 meters from this junction for the last 15 or so years, I use it every day, several times a day.

“I really hope they don’t put traffic lights in because the junction works fine as it is. It’s a little busy during peak time but so is every other road in Swindon.”

James Duff said: “The problem is not the roundabouts, it gets backed up because of the constant use of the pedestrian crossings at rush hour, poorly-placed bus stops and inconsiderate drivers blocking the junction. Traffic on the roundabout is symptomatic of other close-proximity traffic issues.”

Mandy Witts-Vinup said: “The congestion from the lights will affect the roundabouts near the crossroads on Whitworth Road and Cricklade Road, which will cause bigger back-ups and more frustration.”

The council hopes the £2.8m project will reduce queuing, improve safety and traffic flow and allow for better bus journeys from the town centre to north Swindon.

The council received the money for this transformation from external investment.

Daniel Adams said: “Sounds like a sensible plan. Yes there will be disruption in the meantime but something needs to be done.”

Rachel Deller said: “Hopefully it works and hopefully people stop being able to get in the right lane to go straight on to Penhill.”

A drop-in session will be held at Pinetrees Community Centre between 3pm and 7pm on March 12 to give people a chance to speak to council officers, find out more about the ambitious plans and give feedback.

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