NORTH Wiltshire MP James Gray stepped in to help deal with complaints about the landfill's stench.

He told BBC Wiltshire: "I've had a lot of constituents talking to me about it and I'm very concerned about it.

"I've raised it with Wiltshire Council and visited the site to meet with Richard Crapper and talk about what's causing it.

"The material rots faster in the rain so they're going to cap it off which will put an end to it for now.

"More importantly, it's our waste that we're throwing out - they take 280,000 tons of waste a year and a third of that goes to landfill, the rest Crappers recycle.

"We need less waste, less landfill and more recycling. Let's look forward to a future where we create less waste and recycle all the waste we do create.

"It's a big problem that we must not minimise, it's horrible to have that stench around if you live nearby, but there are plans to put in place to deal with it and it is being taken very seriously."